Have you thought much about your wedding photography?


There are various styles of photography and over the years what’s popular has changed.

Like art, we tend to be drawn to one particular style or another, even if we can’t quite explain why.

It’s important to spend time looking at different styles before making a decision as these images will be your lasting memories.


This style fundamentally tells a story.

Reportage photographers will, very much in the background, take photos throughout, thereby telling the story of your wedding day.

This style is based on photojournalism, which is telling a story in pictures.

Many couples choose this style and it can be particularly helpful if one, or both, of you is not keen on having your photograph taken and don’t like staged shots.

photography styles


This style can be described as looking more like a magazine photoshoot than a wedding.

Some couples find it highly attractive, but it’s not for everyone.

Being trend led it often requires quite a long time away from your guests to capture gorgeous, contemporary images, perhaps in an iconic or industrial setting.

It’s very artistic and tends to suit big personalities.

If you’re interested in this style, it’s worth spending ample time looking at the photographer’s full albums and understanding their vision of what they will create for you.

Photography styles


Traditional wedding photography involves the photographer setting up, or staging, each individual shot.

This need not mean the shots look posed or in any way forced, but rather they won’t be very spontaneous and you’re unlikely to get many ‘action’ type shots.

Good, traditional photography captures lovely points in your day, in a dignified way.

photography styles

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