Are you a fairly newly engaged bride thinking ‘I don’t know where to start!’ when it comes to planning your wedding?

Well this is completely usual in the most normal of times, but at the moment for some it’s totally overwhelming as much more than usual is out of our control due to COVID 19.

When I work with my clients and members I start by getting them to think really carefully about their overall vision for their wedding.

The big stuff ….. things like what sort of ceremony they want, where in the world they want it to be and what the vibe is, be that super laid back, highly sophisticated or anything in between.

Some can visualise everything just as they want in their heads, others like to doodle or pin ideas to get an overall picture.

Starting with this means that once you begin to consider venues and vendors, you’ll easily be able to dismiss those whose work doesn’t meet your vision – it can really save you time.

don't know where to start

The other key element which helps enormously in defeating the wedding planning overwhelm is putting together a plan.

I recommend creating a Timeline with everything you need to do, in a logical order.

What you use for this is entirely up to you, but for me a spreadsheet works well.

The order in which you approach planning tasks need not be cast in stone, however I would certainly begin with:

  • agreeing a date;
  • establishing all you need to do to be legally married, including your celebrant, which will differ depending whereabouts in the world you are;
  • choosing your venue.

Usually, for a civil ceremony, you will need to know which licensed venue you are marrying in before you can book your ceremony and celebrant.

Aside from the all important dress, which you may well have started searching for from the outset, I look next to shortlist and decide upon the really key supplier types: caterer (if your venue is not providing your food), photographer and florist.

For most weddings these are very important and the good ones get booked up fast!

Depending how far in advance you plan to send your invitations out you may also wish to choose your stationer early.

Next I work on entertainment, cake, bridesmaids’ attire, transport and a gift list if you’re having one.

Then I move onto hair and make up, the gents’ attire and the smaller design elements.

don't know where to start

In terms of spreadsheet layout, I like to group tasks in categories, ie Ceremony, Catering, Entertainment, rather than month by month, but do what works for you.

For ease, at the start of each month I highlight the line items in each category which need attention that month.

This way you can see what needs doing – perhaps four items that month – rather than focussing on the whole, long list.


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