Have you thought about transport for your wedding?

Are you planning any or don’t you feel you need much?

You might be considering any or all of the following:

  • a chauffeur driven car for you and your Dad, whoever else is giving you away, or perhaps just you if you are walking down the aisle alone, to take you from where you’re getting ready to Church or your civil ceremony venue;
  • cars for your Mum and the Bridesmaids;
  • transport for you and your new husband or wife from ceremony to reception venue;
  • guest transportation from hotels to ceremony, reception and back.

What are you currently planning?

transport for your wedding

Types of transport for your wedding

There are so many different styles of transport for weddings these days we are spoilt for choice!

Whether you want a vintage car, quirky camper van, revamped ex-black cab or a horse drawn carriage it’s all there to choose from.

Remember, by the way, that if you are keen to have the latter, it doesn’t matter how far you are travelling, you can use a car and pick up the carriage a mile from your destination.

Guest transport for your wedding

If you’re considering offering guests transportation, do ensure you know exactly how many people, and who, want what.

Why? Because people forget what they have booked and/ or assume they’ve booked a space when they haven’t.

You don’t want to end up having booked a beautifully revamped London bus, or a suite of coaches and mini-vans, only to discover that 12 people turn up to take advantage on the day.

Ask for names and which routes (of those you are offering) are required and ensure someone sober has a list.

This might sound a bit ‘school teachery’ having to mark a register but it can really help, especially en route back to hotels late at night after the big day.

Are you offering guest transport or providing cab numbers and public transport details?

Is transport a key part of your wedding vision?

On the subject of transport, especially if you are on a tight budget, think about the degree to which transport is key to your day.

If it is really important and you’ve always dreamed of arriving at Church in a vintage car, then go for it.

However, if it’s not that important to you, don’t feel you have to hire anything.

Ask a good friend with a lovely car if they’d drive you during the first part of the day as their wedding gift, then book a nice cab for later that night.

Ditto with guest transportation … unless it’s super important to you to offer coaches or mini-buses guests don’t necessarily expect it, so just ensure you’ve provided cab numbers and local public transport details.

If you’re aiming to inject some sustainability into your day, public transport details are a really good starting point.


Image Credits in order: Dasa Wharton; Studio M.

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