I talk a lot in my community about the importance of having a big overall vision of exactly the wedding day you want to create, before diving into booking venues and suppliers.

Only when you have that vision can you shortlist vendors which meet it.

But there’s something which comes even before that.

In order to allow yourself to dream, or envision, your perfect day, whatever that looks and feels like, you need to be in the right mindset.

Mindset is important for every part of life – be it starting a business, believing you can run that marathon, walking into a room full of people you don’t know, or for some just getting up and out of a morning.

Planning a wedding often brings up all sorts of worries and uncertainties.

The Emboldened Bride's Mindset

It can reignite self worth issues we had growing up, make us anxious or make us feel incapable of making a good decision.

This can become wildly overinflated if we’re also getting criticism from others with bigger, or louder, personalities or perceived knowledge or experience.

Anxiety v Excitement

The way we feel physically is exactly the same when we’re anxious as it is when we’re excited.

Choose excitement!

Bride's Mindset

Believe in yourself…

…and in your ideas.

When we’re born we love ourselves: self doubt is a learned behaviour.

We all want to fit in, be accepted as part of a group or a tribe. But remember families, friendship groups, businesses and clubs all function well with very different types of people within them.

So be yourself.

Don’t feel obliged to have the wedding another family member, or your best friend, has dreamed up for you – this is your wedding, not theirs.

If you want a small, intimate wedding because you shy away from large crowds, or don’t want to be the centre of attention for large numbers, go for it.


Be kind to yourself and bear this in mind when it comes to getting into the mindset of an emboldened bride.



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