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Choose up to 3 specific areas of your wedding planning you need help with - Sandy will pre-prepare, speak with you for an hour, then send follow up notes or a recording of your discussion.

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

I run a wedding and event planning business, ternevents, where I work one to one with brides and have been planning weddings since 2002.  I have wealth of experience in weddings of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

I also co-owned The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners for 12 years, training and coaching hundreds of planners and industry colleagues.

I remain an Elite Member.

Over the last 20 years I've spoken to lots of brides who are really keen to organise their own wedding, but want a bit of professional help in the background.

My Power Planning Hour allows you to specify exactly which elements of your planning you need help with, then discuss them in detail with me.

I'll send you bullet pointed notes, or a recording of our discussion, so you always have them to hand as you continue planning.

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